Zig Zag Galleries is a contemporary and fine art gallery that features art from a variety of 

mediums, representing artists from the community, regionally, nationally and 

internationally. Zig Zag Galleries represents Zapata Image Gallery and Zapata Art Gallery.

Zig Zag Galleries provides a safe space for artists and art lovers from around the world. 

We focus on allowing freedom of expression and starting the conversation about art. We do all of this for the community is to share our love for art with one another.  We want to provide the best artistic experience we have to offer.

The vision of Zig Zag Galleries is to work with artists within the community, regardless of 

age, sexuality, gender, race or experience level in order to create a safe art space that 

allows people to experience in every way possible.

Zig Zag Galleries is open to all types of artists whether established or not. These two 

galleries will allow all styles of visual arts and allow them to have a place to be exhibited 

and celebrated in one supportive location.  

Zig Zag Galleries will encourage our community to grow with art. We will help teach the 

community about the necessity of art and expand on art growth. We will provide a 

location for artists to collaborate and share their experiences visually.